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Braveheart Marathi Movie - Review

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  • Review : Braveheart Jidd Jagnyachi (2017)
  • Producer : Sacchidananad Gopinath Karkhanis, Santosh Yashwant Mikashi
  • Director : DasBabu
  • Star Cast : Sangram Samel, Dhanshree Kadgaonkar, Arun Nalawade, Atul Parchure, Sulabha Deshpande, Kishore Pradhan, Dr. Vilas Ujawane, Vijay Chavan, Ila Bhatte
  • Writer : Shrikant Bojewar
  • Music : Arnab Chaterji
  • Review By : Abhay Salvi
  • Rating : 3/5

Braveheart Marathi Movie Review :

Braveheart is a film that’s not technically or logically flawless, but manages to strike the most essential chord, the ‘emotional’ one. 2017 hasn’t been a great year for Marathi cinema so far & Braveheart is one of those few films that the audiences should definitely give a try.

The film is based on a true story. A young man named Nikhil Karkhanis (Sangram Samel) suffers from a deadly disease of the spinal cord, with no possibilities of surviving. The scene in which the doctor reveals this sad truth to him & in his father Sacchidanand Karkhanis (Arun Nalawade) is where the film starts rising above average. Nikhil’s first reaction to this is not just shocking but extremely uplifting. He asks the doctor how many months, years he has with him. Nikhil is passionate about many little things in life from trekking, traveling to food & he wishes to complete as many dreams as he can in whatever time he has left.

However the narrative of the film reflects more on his struggle with the deadly disease that works like slow poison, affecting his legs first making them useless & slowly the entire body. Throughout this struggle there are two faithful helping hands to Nikhil, one being the company he works for ‘Tech Mahindra’ & the other & the most important his father Mr. Sacchidanand Karkhanis. Nikhil grew up under the love of his father & grandmother (Sulabha Deshpande) as his mother too died from a disease when he was 12-13 years old. 

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