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Andya Cha Funda - Interview Deepa Parab is for both Children And Adults

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Deepa Parab-Chaudhari is one of the few actresses who have always been in audience memory even after being very selective about her work. She has been active in different mediums of entertainment in both Hindi as well as Marathi. She is all set to make a comeback in the role of a mother in upcoming fantasy Marathi film ‘Andya Cha Funda’.

Andya Cha Funda is your comeback film. What is it that excited you to act in this film?

It’s a mystery film. The content of the film is too strong since the film is written by Ganesh Pandit, Ambar Hadap & Shripad. I knew that the writers are good, the director is good so I took this film!

You’ve worked in all mediums of entertainment from theatre to serials, films & even ad films. You started from inter-collegiate theatre! Would you like to make a comeback on stage?

I would love to, but practically speaking my child is very small right now so it won’t be possible. But yes theatre is close to me & in the future I would definitely like to be a part of good project in theatre.

This film has an exciting ‘fantasy’ element. Do you think such films should be made more in Marathi?

I don’t know whether such films should be made more or not, But I believe that Marathi audiences like films with good content even if it’s a fantasy film. Looking at today’s trend where people from outside the industry too are quite impressed, & are eager to work here.

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